Brian & Karis :: Grapevine Engagements

Karis is one of those women that once you meet her, you never forget her.  Her sweet disposition and compassionate heart just melt me every time I am around her, and I am so grateful for the influence she has had on my life.  I knew that when she met her Prince Charming, he would be fantastic, because fantastic is what she deserves.  When I met Brian, I just knew he was perfect for her!

I am always so amazed at how God can orchestrate such beauty in relationships, and Brian and Karis are no exception.  They compliment each other so well, and it is so fun to see how much they just enjoy being together!!

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The Earl/Bernhardt Family :: Extended Family Session

I love it when families get together and really enjoy each other’s company, and this family knows how to celebrate their time together!  Heidi had shared with me that they wanted some updated family pictures together, and I always jump at the chance to spend time with them, so it was definitely a win-win for us all! After the Cox family session, we were able to capture pictures of the whole gang, as well as a few of Heidi’s brother and sister’s family.  Such a fabulous family!!!

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The Coxs:: Family Session

I love Danny and Heidi, and when they expanded their family with the addition of Ella, we all were excited to be honorary aunts and uncles!  This is Ella’s first Christmas, and what better way to celebrate with a fun family session in downtown McKinney, which is all decked out for Christmas…Charles Dickens’ style!

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The Veitenheimers :: Family Session

It was the day after Thanksgiving, and the wind was not interested in the fact that we were trying to take pictures.  Luckily, this family has always been up for an adventure, and this day was no different.  I have known the Veitenheimers since I was in high school, and I am so grateful for the gift of their friendship!!  I was so excited when we started planning their family photo shoot, and I am even more excited to show off the finished product!

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Clay and Christy :: Family Session

We had been planning our photo session for weeks.  Unfortunately, colds and sickness got in the way two weeks in a row, so when we were all finally healthy at one time, we rejoiced and finalized our plans.  Christy had picked a beautiful park outside downtown Fort Worth, and we were so excited for our session.  Just as we arrived, the ominous clouds started spitting rain at us.  Undeterred, we pressed on, determined to find dry land for our session.  I am so glad we waited it out, because we were able to capture some beautiful shots of this precious family!  Christy, thanks so much for being adventurous and flexible, I so enjoyed our afternoon!!!

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Shane and Emmalie :: Daddy & Daughter Session

It was going to be a wonderful surprise for her mommy.  Emmalie and her daddy had come up with a fabulous plan for her mom’s birthday, a plan that involved tutus and sword fights.  Our time galavanting around Fort Worth and discovering fun little spots for our pictures.  Shane (the daddy) was such a fantastic trooper, and was up for even trying ballet at the request of his daughter.  I hope that Emmalie’s mommy was completely surprised on her birthday!

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Malinda and Marshal :: Sibling Session

Malinda and Marshal are two of my favorite kids.  They are both so sweet and well-behaved, and absolutely as cute as they can be!  There is nothing cuter to me than a little boy in a tie!!  Our afternoon was full of playing, laughing and avoiding ant hills, and it all was fabulous!  M & M, thanks for playing with me and letting me take your pictures! You both are so cute!

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Gavin :: Birthday Session

Gavin is known as the Little Prince in his family.  So when his mom started planning his first birthday party, it was the perfect chance to incorporate this theme into his special day.  Gavin is seriously one of the most adorable little boys and is so sweet and happy, there is no way you can resist his charm!  He seemed to really enjoy the fact that he had his own cake, and really seemed to enjoy all the sugar!  Happy birthday Gavin!!  We all enjoyed celebrating with you!

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Joseph and Ali :: Fort Worth Engagements

It was so hot…and it was only 9 o’clock in the morning.  Texas is currently in the middle of a ridiculous heat wave, which can sometimes present a challenge to pulling off a sweat-free photo shoot.  But Joseph and Ali were awesome troopers and are a fabulously beautiful couple!! Joseph is definitely a cowboy at heart, so the Fort Worth Stockyards was the perfect place for our sweaty sweet pictures.  Joseph and Ali, I wish you all the best as you begin your new adventure!!

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For more pictures of Joseph and Ali, check out their Save the Date session here!

Joey :: Head Shots

I first met Joey through a class at our church. I enjoyed hearing about what God is doing through his ministry and was really blessed to get to know him throughout the course of our class.  He has such a tender heart for the Lord and desire to see people walk in true freedom.

When Joey asked me if I would help him with head shots for his website, I was so honored and excited!  Joey is currently putting the finishing touches on a phenomenal book and is in the process of planting a church.  To learn more about Joey and his ministry, check out his website here! I cannot wait to read the book when it is finished!

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