Sylvia & Norm :: Wedding Session

Love is such a gift!  This last weekend was a great reminder to me how precious love is.  Sylvia is the mother of my dear friend Natalie, and the grandmother of Madison.  Several years ago, her husband passed away. Although I never met him, I have to think he was someone fabulous, based on the way his family loved him.

Over this year, the Lord brought Norm into Sylvia’s life, a tender-hearted and sweet man of God, who very much loves Sylvia.  This last week, we all got to witness a beautiful moment as Norm and Sylvia got married.  It was the most wonderful ceremony, celebrating the heart of the Lord for us and how marriage is really His creation.  It also was a beautiful picture of how the body of Christ functions together, as family and friends worked closely to bless this couple with a very special afternoon.  I am so blown away to see how this family honored their mother and welcomed Norm in as part of the family.  Definitely the coolest family ever!

Norm and Sylvia, you both are precious, and I pray the Lord blesses you beyond your wildest imaginations!

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