Erin & Friends :: Birthday Session

Erin is one of the sweetest girls I know.  She is kind, sweet, funny and loving.  To celebrate her special birthday, Erin and her closest friends decided to spend the day enjoying downtown Fort Worth.  I tagged along to make sure we captured the fun these sweet girls had hanging out together, and I so enjoyed my time with them! Their sweet spirits and contagious laughter was so refreshing, and I absolutely loved how much they enjoyed each other!

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Sylvia & Norm :: Wedding Session

Love is such a gift!  This last weekend was a great reminder to me how precious love is.  Sylvia is the mother of my dear friend Natalie, and the grandmother of Madison.  Several years ago, her husband passed away. Although I never met him, I have to think he was someone fabulous, based on the way his family loved him.

Over this year, the Lord brought Norm into Sylvia’s life, a tender-hearted and sweet man of God, who very much loves Sylvia.  This last week, we all got to witness a beautiful moment as Norm and Sylvia got married.  It was the most wonderful ceremony, celebrating the heart of the Lord for us and how marriage is really His creation.  It also was a beautiful picture of how the body of Christ functions together, as family and friends worked closely to bless this couple with a very special afternoon.  I am so blown away to see how this family honored their mother and welcomed Norm in as part of the family.  Definitely the coolest family ever!

Norm and Sylvia, you both are precious, and I pray the Lord blesses you beyond your wildest imaginations!

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The Hall/McCollum Family :: Extended Family Session

Several years ago, I was able to attend an event hosted by Kerygma Ventures (Successful Christian Living Ministries at the time) and was so blessed by the heart of this ministry.  Since then, I have kept close tabs on this ministry, and have loved seeing how God has worked through this ministry in a myriad of ways.  I also have been so blessed to have a chance to develop a friendship with the family behind the ministry, and they are fabulous!!  I had the pleasure of taking Karis and Brian’s engagement pictures (check out the love birds here!), so when she asked me about taking pictures of the whole extended family, I was so excited!  Check out what is going on with this fabulous ministry at!

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Madison :: Senior Session

Natalie has been a dear friend of mine since I was in college.  She is the kind of lady that speaks truth in such a gentle and loving way that it completely disarms people.  She has walked through many seasons with me, and I know that the Lord has used her greatly in shaping different parts of my heart!!

Natalie also has a rock star daughter who is just absolutely breathtaking! Madison is one of the sweetest girls I have met, and it has been so fun watching her grow up into such a striking lady who loves the Lord with all her heart!!  She is going to take Texas Tech by storm!!

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Jeremy & Deanna :: Engagement Session

I love engagement sessions!!  I so enjoy getting to meet couples who are in love and all starry-eyed, and this couple is a perfect example!!  We had so much fun experimenting with settings and poses, and I so enjoyed our time together!  Jeremy was so attentive to his fiance and it is extremely obvious how much they care about each other.  I am so excited to see their story unfold!

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Adams & Hicks :: Family Session

Susie and I have known each other forever, and I am so incredibly grateful for the gift of her friendship!  When she told me that she needed new family pictures with her son and daughter-in-law, I knew we would all have a blast together!  Honestly, I have never laughed so hard during a photo session!!  What a joy to be with a family that so loves and enjoys each other!!

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